By purchasing items from our showroom you are entering into a purchasing services agreement with Billy Hoo Studio whereby we purchase Merchandise from our makers on your behalf.

Purchase Pre-Approval. Merchandise to be purchased though Billy Hoo Studio will be specified in a Purchase Order (PO) email by Billy Hoo Studio and submitted for the Client’s written acceptance (email reply is acceptable). Each PO will identify the item, its price, and estimated freight cost to the Client (if available). A PO may be sent in the form of a pro forma Invoice or quote.

Freight Charges. Freight charges are often not available at the time of order. If they are not available, the Client agrees to pay applicable freight, even if they were not included in the PO or pro forma invoice.

GST. In most cases, Billy Hoo Studio will collect GST. If GST, or any other tax or unforseen fee is not collected it will be the responsibility of the Client.

Purchase Deposit. No item will be ordered by Billy Hoo Studio until the PO acceptance has been received by Billy Hoo Studio and a deposit has been received. The required deposits are:

Standard (Non-Custom) Merchandise: 50%

Custom & Made-To-Order Merchandise: 100%.

Damage to Merchandise. Client shall inspect all merchandise upon delivery and advise the freight company of any damage or non-conformity at that time. The Client should not accept any Merchandise that has damaged packaging unless it is opened and inspected at the time of delivery. For undamaged/unopened deliveries, the Client will have 24 hours to inspect Merchandise. Should Merchandise be delivered damaged, the Client will call Billy Hoo Studio and email Billy Hoo Studio a picture of the damaged Merchandise. Rectification will be assessed on an individual basis.

Custom Merchandise is Non-Refundable. All sales of custom merchandise are final and non-refundable.


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