'Orbit' by Emily Ziz from their Notions collection

'Orbit' by Emily Ziz from their Notions collection

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Notions is a range of designs resembling course textiles. The range brings a warm, textural addition to a space. Reed is available in 9 colours.


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This design can be printed by Emily Ziz onto wallpaper, fabric, glass decals, solid surface finishes or acoustic solutions. Please let us know if your project is residential or commercial, the size of the surface area to be covered and which substrate you require.



Please note that all images of our print collections are digital renders and are provided for design concepts and layout references only. They should not be relied on as an accurate representation of print resolution, colour or scale. The images supplied may also only be a subsection of the overall design. Clients should always work with us to obtain a printed sample and/ or discuss design, scale and colour requirements.


Meredith Gain

Living on the gorgeous Sydney coastline, Meredith finds wonder in her everyday observations… 

Rain on a window & swirling clouds above to the textured bark of a tree & the tide lines of the beach….

Nature is a never ending source of inspiration for Meredith, resulting in a modern organic coastal style - evoking a sense of luxury whilst maintaining a relaxed vibe using abstract yet bold shapes & textures. 

With a clever use of colour & with her ever present favourite - the iconic deep blues of Sydney’s skies and water - never far from reach… 

Many designs begin life as a photo, or a simple art concept of paint, ink, markers that then develop into an idea that has caught Meredith’s interest then digitally reworked to create one off designs +   repeat patterns.

A graduate of International School of Colour and Design with a diploma in Surface Design, Meredith is currently working on a home products collection that evokes a sense of luxury while maintain a relaxed vibe …very much like Sydney itself !

Meredith enjoys living a simple stylish life that she wants to extend to all via her designs.



Supplied by Emily Ziz


Emily Ziz is known for their constant innovation and unique ability to translate design concepts across an extensive range of decorative materials, including fabrics, wallcoverings, glazing solutions, solid finishes and acoustic products. Catering to both the commercial and residential markets, they work collaboratively with specifiers on projects of any scale, to deliver the highest quality product with short production lead times, and the assurance of a completely bespoke outcome.


Instagram: @emilyziz


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