Space Clearing

If you are a sensitive soul, an empath, there is a good chance that you have had the experience of walking into a space and just feeling like you need to get out. The space just feels negative, like you shouldn't be there.

Empaths can pick up on other peoples emotions. If the emotions are strong enough and the person is sensitive enough, these emotions and experiences can be sensed for years (sometimes centuries if you are open minded enough) after the emotional event took place.

Even if you cannot seem to feel negative energy your innate senses can pick up on it and it can cause your physical stress responses to kick into gear. So if you are experiencing any unexplained stress you may like to consider clearing the energy in your home.

I recommend space clearing to all my clients, whether it's an existing home or new build as there is always energy debris and you cannot always know how bad. This space clearing ritual not only displaces negative energy but also kills bacteria, viruses and mould spores. It is also a good idea to do it as part of your spring clean and after any big arguments or upsetting situations.

What you will need:

  • a sage smudge stick or frankincense incense (these are both antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral)

  • Sea salt

How to do it:

  • Clean the space and remove clutter

  • Put on some music that calms you or makes you feel good.

  • Open all the windows and doors

  • Light the smudge stick or incense and then meditate to set your intentions and positive mind frame. You may like an affirmation to meditate on “I bless this home that all may enter will feel and contribute to the love that resides within.”

  • Starting from the bottom level and/or rear of the house, move through your home slowly waving the smoke around so that it disperses into all corners, inside closets and under furniture, we want to cover all the space. In each corner of each room leave a pinch of salt. As you do this imagine the room being cleansed and filling with white light, repeating your intention or affirmation over and over.

  • Return to your starting place and again reaffirm your intentions and return your mind to quiet. Extinguish the sage stick in a bowl or if you are using incense you can allow it to burn out.

Following on from this it is a good idea to invite positive energy into your home. Host a dinner party or get together with good friends and people who make you feel good to fill your home with the energy of love and friendship.

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