How to Create a Home That Generates Love and Happiness

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The decisions that you make while designing and fitting out your home will have an effect on how happy you are living it. You will always notice that thing that you decided to cut a corner on as much as you will always appreciate the items that you chose because you truly loved them.

Choosing finishes and objects because how and why they were conceived means something to you, if the intention behind their creation aligns with your ethos, they will automatically bring positive energy to the space because seeing them makes you feel positive. In reflection, the opposite will generate an opposing response.

I feel that our homes these days are rushed, we choose items because they serve a purpose and are inexpensive, rather than considering their life-cycle. We justify our purchases like ‘well even if it only lasts a season it wasn’t expensive (so I can simply buy a new one)’ without contemplating where that product will ultimately end up and what will happen to it once it has left our home.

To have a home that makes you feel good, you must feel good about your home. Not simply about its aesthetics but that you are confident you have made good decisions and that your home is aligned with your lifestyle and beliefs.

Take your time when considering your home, don’t rush, think carefully and consider products, their story, why and how they were made, by whom as well as their life-cycle and sustainability. If you need an item and you cannot wait to find something that you truly love, choose second hand and rest in the notion that you have made a good decision for the environment. The way you feel about an object will translate into how that object makes your home feel.

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