Modern Interior Design

Building Design and Interior Design to inspire and support our mind, body and spirit

Our current modern lifestyle means most of us spend over 90% of our time indoors. Our lives are more stressful than ever and much of this is due to our indoor environments having great effect on our physical and psychological health and not aligning with our needs. Billy Hoo Studio designs and details spaces that grow with our clients to support their goals and ambitions and at the same time provide daily sanctuary and respite.

Our holistic design process takes into consideration:  Ergonomics, Sustainability, Psychology, Air Quality, Biophilia, Economy and Future planning to create beautiful, wholesome environments.


The studio partners with Australian makers and businesses who have a strong environmental focus and produce quality products and services to offer you the tools and support to create a healthy, happy home or work space. Our aim is to be proactive in the development of environmental stability for future generations while at the same time creating beautiful, healthy interiors with less ego and more love.


Billy Hoo Design Studio offers holistic interior design and building design services tailored to suit your needs and budget. Whether you are a home owner, business owner, construction or real estate professional we can customise solutions for you. Our services include but are not limited to the services listed below. We understand that every project is different and so if you have a design related question we encourage you to get in touch.


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  • Space study and planning

  • Kitchen design & specification

  • Bathroom design & specification

  • Design for accessibility

  • Exterior & facade design

  • 3D elevations

  • Colour schemes & palettes

  • Finishes selection & specification

  • Furniture specification

  • Construction documentation


  • Identity creation

  • Creative Direction

  • Space study & planning 

  • 3D elevations

  • Colour schemes & palettes

  • Finishes selection & specification

  • Lighting specification

  • Construction documentation

  • Furniture specification


  • Site analysis and planning

  • Schematic design including 3D elevations

  • Drafting 

  • Design development

  • Approvals

  • Contract administration




Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Central Coast and Australia-wide on request.

0449 870 701

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